Registry Configuration File

The Registry is configured with a configuration file named ‘registry.yml’, that is placed in your ‘bcome’ configuration directory, as follows:

└── project
    └── bcome
        └── registry.yml

The YAML configuration is a simple Hash structure representing an Array of script declarations, each one keyed on a Regular expression intended to match a specific Bcome namespace breadcrumb pattern.

   - array
   - of
   - available
   - scripts

   - another
   - list
   - of
   - scripts

Within Bcome, any namespace with a breadcrumb pattern matching a given Registry declaration’s regular expression, will have that script available to it.

Let’s imagine you had the following namespace structure:

└── estate
    ├── aws
    │   ├── dev
    │   │   └── app_servers
    │   └── prod
    │       └── app_servers
    └── gcp
        ├── dev
        │   └── app_servers
        └── prod
            └── app_servers

And let’s say you need to associate an orchestration script with every ‘app_server’ inventory.

Your regular expression could look as follows:



The root namespace name (‘estate’ in the example above) is always implicit in registry declarations.

For information & examples on configuring scripts, see Registry method types. Our Guides site also has example configurations.