Bash scripting

You may execute a local bash script against servers in your collection using the execute_script command.

Let’s image you have the following Namespaces setup:

└── project
    ├── inventory_one
    │   ├── server_a
    │   ├── server_b
    │   └── server_c
    └── inventory_two
        ├── server_d
        ├── server_e
        └── server_f

And the following bash script, saved to your local system at /path/to/


echo "hello world"

exit 0

In order to execute the script against a single server, for example ‘server_a’ in ‘inventory_one’, you would invoke the following:

bcome inventory_one:server_a:execute_script /path/to/

To execute the script against all servers in ‘inventory_two’, you would:

bcome inventory_two:execute_script /path/to/

Likewise, for all servers in your project:

bcome execute_script /path/to/


The examples above illustrate how bash scripts may run using Keyed Access (see: Navigation).


The Console allows for greater flexibility in working with selections of namespaces. See ‘Selection Commands’ in Command Menu.