Interactive Mode

Interactive mode allows you to enter repeated commands in a transparent context to either single, or multiple servers without having to enter repeated run commands (see: Command Menu).

Having established an SSH connection to all servers in scope, Interactive mode then provides a secondary interactive pseudo-ssh shell, following which any commands you enter are executed on every server.


Interactive mode can be dangerous.

You will be executing commands in parallel on every machine in your selection. Be sure you understand what you’re running, and with what privileges before using this function.

Interactive mode is useful when managing groups of servers in a real-time scenario for example:

  • to apply security patches
  • to test en masse for vulnerabilities
  • to run system updates
  • to compare configurations


Interactive mode will create a connection to every server that is a child or grand-child of the current namespace.

Once connected, connections are cached for speed with reconnections automatic.

For more information on optimising your SSH for interactive mode see Optimising Ssh

Interactive mode may be invoked with the interactive command on any namespace. See Executing Commands.