Registry Configuration Attributes

Here you’ll find the full list of attributes for your registry.yml file (see: Registry Configuration File).

attribute key description optional
type the type of Registry declaration: shortcut, internal, or external. No
description A description of your command. No
console_commad The command to invoke within Bcome will invoke your Registry methiod No
group A group name. All commands with the same group are grouped together when Registry declarations are listed No
shortcut_command The remote command to execute when the script is invoked. Required for type shortcut
run_as_pseudo_tty true OR false Optional for type shortcut only
orch_klass Your orchestration class name. Required for type internal
local_command The system command that is to be executed locally. Required for type external

A Hash of optional values passed in to your local command.

Available as ENV variables to external scripts, and from the @arguments Hash to internal scripts.

Optional for types external and internal.

Set to ‘server’, ‘inventory’ (all inventory types), or ‘collection’.

Registry method will only be made available to namespaces of the declared type.



See Registry Configuration File for an introduction to the registry.yml configuration file.